Edenbridge was a ground up project. We worked with the team to create the brand, product design, and website but worked together closely to ensure the business grew.


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The Process

The founders engaged us before the products were finalised to help focus the brand’s image and create a fluid and elegant online store that would reflect the heritage and craft of the fragrances they were producing.

We started reflecting on landmarks and placenames that would channel the history and weight of what the team were trying to achieve and settled on Edenbridge and Hever Castle as iconic places and imagery that would anchor the brand in Kent’s history and refinement.

A careful selection of stock photography and custom 3D product renders that enhanced the attributes of elegance and luxury were created to achieve the founders’ goals despite the limited budget.

We crafted unique icons, illustrations, and took photos of the areas the products were inspired by to give each product page a truly considered feel, and enahnced this with interactive quizzes that encourage purchasing by removing the barrier to entry of the inability to smell the products when buying online.

The Result

Despite a soft launch during a pandemic, we were able to get site running perfectly and collected more than 400 email addresses in the first three months without advertising spend.

This translated to a mid five figure revenue month when the company made a hard launch in December and took advantage of their email list, upsells, opt-ins, and some basic social media marketing.

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